Change the World for an Orphan

How much does it cost to change the world for an orphan? We try to provide $1,000 each month for operating the homes in Nepal and Myanmar. Here is the average spending per month for each orphanage: Myanmar: Monthly expenses: $1760. Churches in the area help to cover the additional amount. Nepal: Monthly expenses: $1,400. One young man is a wonderful artist, so some of his paintings are sold in the market to cover the additional cost. Neighbors donate some or odd jobs by the man who runs the home helps provide the rest of the funds needed.
$495.00 donated
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Published by Yvonne

I am a wife, a mom of two grown daughters, and one son who lives with Jesus. I am also a grandmother. I am passionate about missions and writing about the amazing stories of seeing Christ in action on my journey. God led me to set up a charity, which cares for orphans in Nepal and Myanmar. I hope my stories inspire you to reach out and be the hands and feet of Christ to someone.

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